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FG60 Neptune

Say hello to Newland's first 5G Mobile computer. With its capacitive touchscreen and Android 11 GMS operating system, the FG60 Neptune is everything you've asked for in a mobile computer.

The device's touchscreen with IP67 sealing supports and protects it from inevitable bumps and drops.
FG60 Neptune datasheet
FG60 Neptune configurations

M10 Pilot Pro

Designed to bridge the gap between a rugged PDA and a sleek & stylish smartphone, the M10 Pilot Pro offers businesses a high quality Android mobile computer.

The M10 features a white anti-microbial casing that makes it perfect for healthcare applications.
 M10 Pilot Pro datasheet
M10 Pilot Pro configurations

MT37 Baiji

Equipped with Newland's 6th generation decoder chip, the MT37 Baiji can scan even damaged or poor quality barcodes with ease and speed.

The special pre-installed DCAPP software allows customising the MT37 Baiji to any solution you might require.
MT37 datasheet
MT37 Baiji configurations

MT65 Beluga IV

This Android Mobile Computer line has always offered a solid performance. Highlights of the MT65 Beluga IV are its 2D megapixel barcode scanner and Android 8.1 operating system.

Additionally, it supports Bluetooth, 4G, Dual band Wi-Fi, making communication with other devices both quick and easy.
 MT65 Beluga IV datasheet
MT65 Beluga IV configurations

MT67 Sei

The MT67 Sei packs high performance into a slim yet rugged design. Its' powerful 2.0 GHz octa-core processor, Android 11 GMS and long-lasting battery make sure to serve even very demanding applications.

The MT67 Sei has Newland Megapixel 2D scanning technology for high-performance scanning of 1D and 2D barcodes, even if they are damaged or distorted.
 MT67 Sei datasheet
MT67 Sei configurations

MT90 Orca II

The MT90 Orca II Mobile Computer is designed with an optimal form factor for a full touchscreen mobile computer with barcode scanner.

Its consumer-style design and Android operating system makes the experience similar to picking up a personal mobile phone. This makes for an intuitive use and a limited need for staff training.
 MT90 Orca II datasheet
MT90 Orca II configurations

MT90 Orca III

The MT90 Orca III is an Android mobile computer that packs all of the latest hardware in a modern and user-friendly design. It is a light and durable device with a 5" capacitive touch screen. Equipped with a familiar user interface and the exterior of a consumer phone, the MT90 Orca III is easy to set up and use right out of the box.

The MT90 Orca III is built to withstand dusty environments and inevitable bumps and drops. It has a rating of IP65 and has been drop tested up to 1.5m, or 1.8m with a rubber boot, ensuring longer and more reliable use.
 MT90 Orca III datasheet
MT90 Orca III configurations

MT90 Orca Pro

Designed and built to go the extra mile, the MT90 Orca Pro offers the very best of our Orca series.

As the flagship series' Pro label, it sports high-end features, such as Android 10 OS, a Qualcomm processor and Android Enterprise Recommended (AER) status, ensuring top support and management.
 MT90 Orca Pro datasheet
MT90 Orca Pro configurations

MT93 Megattera Pro

Running on Android 13 OS, the MT93 Megattera Pro combines a user-friendly interface with a rugged yet slim exterior. Thanks to its angled scan engine, it effectively reduces discomfort and strain that can arise from prolonged scanning. The device's powerful octa-core processor guarantees smooth performance throughout a full work shift, while the WiFi 6 and 4G guarantee steady, fast, and secure connectivity.

The MT93 Megattera Pro is an ideal solution for busy environments such as warehouses, retail outlets, events, and hospitality venues.
 MT93 Megattera Pro datasheet
MT93 Megattera Pro configurations

MT95 Kambur Pro

Fast connection and limitless possibilities with 5G

Equipped with the latest 5G technology, the MT95 Kambur Pro adds high speed and low latency, ensuring fast and efficient data transfer at all times. Enjoy accurate scanning with Newland's Megapixel 2D technology and take advantage of the 6000mAh battery to tackle prolonged working shifts. With a full suite of wireless features like dual-band WiFi, Bluetooth 5.2, GPS, and NFC, the MT95 Kambur Pro allows you always to stay connected.
 MT95 Kambur Pro datasheet
MT95 Kambur Pro configurations

N7 Cachalot Pro

The N7 Cachalot Pro takes the Newland Pro Series into rugged warehouse and logistics applications.

This Mobile Computer adds processing speed, fast-roaming wireless connections, higher drop- and IP ratings and added flexibility through a choice of keyboard layouts.
 N7 Cachalot Pro datasheet
N7 Cachalot Pro configurations

NFT10 Pilot Pro

Designed to bridge the gap between a rugged PDA and a sleek & stylish smartphone, the NFT10 Pilot Pro offers businesses a high quality Android mobile computer.

At 5.7", it's one of the largest durable touchscreens on the market. It features edge to edge screen protection by a metal housing that's designed to withstand high drops and offer reliable performance in all weathers.
 NFT10 Pilot Pro datasheet
NFT10 Pilot Pro configurations

SD35 Leo

Embodying the 'less is more' motto, the SD35 Leo is a reliable mobile scanning solution that suits every type of budget.

Its ergonomic design and keyboard fit right at home in your warehouse or as part of your logistical process.
SD35 Leo datasheet
SD35 Leo configurations

SD55 Lynx

With its capacitive touchscreen and Android 8.1 operating system, the SD55 Lynx is everything you've asked for in a mobile computer, and more.

The device's rugged exterior supports and protects it from the inevitable bumps and drops.
SD55 Lynx datasheet
SD55 Lynx configurations

SD60 Hercules RT

Get ready to lift your mobile scanning activities to a higher level with the SD60 Hercules RT.

Equipped with a UHF pistol grip and charging cradle, the SD60 Hercules RT helps you scan higher and further, without compromising precision.
SD60 Hercules RT datasheet
SD60 Hercules RT configurations

SD60 Pegasus

Get ready to lift your mobile scanning activities to a higher level with the SD60 Pegasus Android Mobile Computer.

Its large 6 inch touch screen makes it simple to view data collection on the go.
SD60 Pegasus datasheet
SD60 Pegasus configurations

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