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 Dead On Arrival / RMA (Returns) / WEEE

DOA Returns Policy

  1. Any DOA must be reported to Varlink within 5 working days from date of delivery.
  2. Manufacturer warranty applies after 5 working days from date of Varlink delivery (See RMA policy).
  3. The item will be returned to Varlink for testing. If no fault is found the product will be returned and a service charge and carriage costs maybe raised.
  4. If a fault that cannot be repaired by Varlink immediately is found, Varlink will credit your account for the invoiced value of the item.
  5. If requested a replacement item may be delivered and invoiced accordingly.

Any items that show signs of extended use will not be treated as DOA and the Varlink RMA policy will apply.

  Suppliers Warranty and DOA periods

  Supplier Product  Warranty Period (years/months) DOA (days/weeks)
  BROTHER All products 12 months 3 days
  DATALOGIC Mobile Terminals 12 months 5 days
    Cordless Laser Scanners 24 months 5 days
    Cordless CCD Scanners 24 months 5 days
    Tethered CCD Scanners 60 months 5 days
    Cables / Batteries / CD's / Disks / Cradles 90 days 5 days
  DATAVAN EPOS Terminals 36 months 5 days
  EC LINE Touchscreen Monitor 12 months 5 days
  EPSON Receipt Printers 24 months 5 days
  GEN2WAVE All products 12 months return to base  5 days
    Battery  3 months  5 days
    Desktop Cradle 12 months  5 days
    Vehicle Cradle 12 months  5 days
    Snap-on 1 month  5 days
    Cables 1 month  5 days
    4-slot Ethernet Cradle 12 months  5 days
  JANAM XM5, XG3, XM70, XT1, XT2 24 months 5 days
    XP20, XP30 12 months 5 days
    Cables / Batteries / CD's / Disks / Cradles 90 days 5 days
  HONEYWELL Ring Scanner 12 months  5 days
    Genesis 7580
Vuquest 3310g
24 months  5 days

Industrial Scanners

36 months  5 days
    Battery Free Scanners 36 months 5 days
    Pocket Scanner 36 months 5 days

Genesis 7580
Vuquest 3320g

24 months 5 days

Eclipse 5145
Fusion 3780
Granit 1910i/1911i/1280i
Orbit 7120/7180 
Voyager 1202g
Xenon 19X Series
Voyager 1452g

36 months  5 days

Hyperion 1300g
Voyager 1200g
Voyager 1250g
Voyager 1400g
Voyager 1450g
Voyager 9520/9540

60 months  5 days
    Enterprise Sleds 12 months  5 days
    Mobile Computers 12 months  5 days
    Vehicle Mount Computer 12 months  5 days
    OEM Scan Engine (except for 2D image engine) 24 months  5 days
    OEM 2D image engine 12 months  5 days
    Cables/ Power Supplies/ Holsters & Belt Clip/ Stands/ Holders/ Mounts 90 days  5 days
    Batteries/ HomeBases/ Vehicle Bases/ Battery Chargers 12 months  5 days
    Charge and communication bases 36 months  5 days
  HP EPOS 36 months 5 days
    mPOS 12 months 5 days
  INTERMEC All products 36 months 5 days
  Label Mate Label Rewinders
Label Unwinders
60 months 5 days

Label Dispensers
Label Slitters & Slitting Station
Label Counting Systems
Label Transport Systems
Inkjet Label Printer

36 months 5 days
    Power Supplies 12 months 5 days
  myPhone Hammer phone range 24 months 5 days
  OPTICON Mobile Computers 24 months 5 days
    Batch terminals    
    Cradles 24 months 5 days


60 months 5 days
24 months 5 days
    Cables / Batteries / CD's / Disks 90 days 5 days
  SNBC BTP-R880NP  60 months 5 days
    BTP-R180II  36 months 5 days
    BTP-R580II 36 months 5 days
    BTP-M300/M330D 36 months 5 days
    BTP-R681 36 months 5 days
  PARTNER TECH Cash Drawers 3 month RTB  
  SBV SBV-ONE  12 months or 36 months 5 days
    SBV-TWO 12 months 5 days


12 months 5 days
    SBV-M11 12 months 5 days
    SBV-A133 12 months 5 days
    SBV cash drawers 12 months 5 days
  Syble Scanners 24 months 5 days
    Cables 6 months 5 days
  TRIMBLE Mobile Terminals and Tablets 12 months 5 days
    Cables / Batteries / Chargers / Cradles 30 days 5 days
  ZEBRA BARCODE PRINTERS Printers (except barcode printheads and other normal wear items), chargers and power supplies, hardware keys, media, ribbons 12 months 5 days
    ZebraNet Print Servers, SEH PS102-Z, SEH PS105-Z 12 months 5 days
    Batteries 12 months 5 days
    Printheads 6 months / 50Km 5 days
    Spare Parts 3 months 5 days
    Accessories 1 month 5 days
  ZEBRA CARD PRINTERS Card printers (Value, Performance, Retransfer)  24 months   5 days
    All other card printers (Security, Legacy performance) 12 months 5 days
    Card spare part kits 3 months 5 days
    Card printhead spare parts kits (Value & Performance) 12 months 5 days
    Zebra True Colour i Series Ribbons 24 months 5 days
    Zebra True Colours Retransfer Film 24 months 5 days
    Zebra True Secure i Series Laminates 24 months 5 days
  ZEBRA ENTERPRISE PDA / Terminals / Tablets / Scanning Modules 12 months 5 days
    Cables / Batteries / Cradles 90 days 5 days
    Barcode Scanners 12 months 5 days

RMA Policy

  1. No items will be accepted without a RMA number. 
  2. Varlink RMA numbers are valid for 14 days.
  3. All return carriage costs are at the resellers expense, unless otherwise agreed by Varlink.
  4. The RMA number must be clearly displayed on the packaging and paperwork.
  5. Varlink will not accept products for return under the following conditions:
    1. Missing items or components with the original order are missing.
    2. The condition of the returned item is in any way misrepresented.
    3. Returned item or packaging damaged rendering the product unsaleable.
    4. No visible RMA number on the packaging or paperwork.
    5. DOA returned item is tested and is fully functional.
    6. An item is received more than 14 days after the date the RMA number was issued.
    7. The item has been heavily used or damaged.
  6. Varlink requests that you inform your customers of its RMA policy. Varlink resellers are responsible for the condition of any returned items. 
  7. All items returned to Varlink will be checked and tested. Varlink cannot be held responsible for the loss of any data saved on any device or any applications deleted due to Hard or Soft Resetting of devices during testing.
  8. Varlink deliveries refused by the Customer will cause an RMA to be raised to book the item back into stock any costs related to refused shipments will not be credited.
  9. Shipping error RMA must be requested within 7 days of the Varlink invoice date.
  10. The return of the following items must be agreed in writing before an RMA is issued:
    1. Labels
    2. Ribbons
    3. Demo Units
    4. Demo Software
    5. Print heads
  11. If any returned product is not accepted you will be informed in writing and your account will not be credited. You may choose to have the items collected or arrange for Varlink to ship the items back to you. 

Non-DOA Returns Policy

  1. NO open box returns for non-DOA items will be accepted. All items must be returned double boxed with the original items box clean, undamaged, and with no marks of any kind. This includes writing, stamps, or shipping labels. (Do not write RMA numbers on original box).
  2. Original manufacturer's packaging both inside and outside must be used. Returns must be complete with all manuals, cables, warranty cards, static bags, ALL items included in original shipment.
  3. Customers may request to return non-DOA item’s within 7 days of delivery any return is at the discretion of Varlink and must be agreed in writing before an RMA request is issued. The RMA issued is valid for 14 days from date of issue, after this time no return will be accepted.
  4. Varlink will impose a 20% restocking fee on returns resulting from customer error.
  5. In the event of items being returned with damaged packaging a re-box fee of a minimum of 5% will be applied.
  6. Non-DOA configured and non-standard stock order’s will not be accepted for return.
  7. Credit will only be applied to your account when Varlink receives the item and the item is verified as unused and in good condition for resale.
  8. The customer is responsible for freight costs when returning Non-DOA items
  9. Standard procedure regardless of the method of payment would be to credit the customer’s Varlink account for the return. The customer must contact the Finance Department to request other options.


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