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Barcode Scanners from Zebra


3600 Series
The 3600 ultra-rugged scanner series from Zebra is the industry's first complete line of corded and cordless ultra-rugged scanners that redefine industrial scanning with new standards for rugged design, scanning performance and manageability. All scanners in this family offer an 2.4m drop spec and an IP67 sealing, making this range dust-tight and waterproof.

The 3600 series are simple to deploy and easy to manage via Zebra's 123Scan2 and SMS management tools. Delivering unmatched user experience, the Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy provides lightning fast wireless communications and maximum energy efficiency. With six models to choose from, there is a 3600 model designed to meet the specific scanning needs in your warehouse or manufacturing plant.
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The CS60 is a compact companion scanner that is perfect for applications such as checkout and inventory management.

This scanner is small enough to fit in a pocket and offers the latest mobile technology including contactless charging.

Whether you purchase the corded or cordless model up front, you can change modes at any time for superior investment protection.

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The CS60-HC Series Companion easily converts between corded and cordless operation, handheld and hands-free, as customer needs change.

This scanner is small enough to fit in a pocket and offers the latest mobile technology including contactless charging.

The CS60-HC offers compact handheld or hands-free scanning for the pharmacy counter, lab station and more.

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The innovative CS3000 Series enables the enterprise to easily implement 1D laser scanning where either mobility or the cost and size of a traditional scanning device is an inhibitor. The tiny device is affordably priced and fits in a pocket or on a lanyard. The CS3000 can be utilised in standalone mode for the batch scanning of barcodes, while the CS3070 offers batch mode as well as real-time barcode data transmission to a host application via a wireless Bluetooth connection to smartphones, laptops and more.

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DS2200 Series

With the DS2200 Series, you can scan it all. Your customers get an affordable 1D/2D imager that doesn’t compromise performance or features for price. Choose the model that best fits your POS needs — the corded DS2208 or the cordless DS2278.

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Zebra’s DS2200 Series for Healthcare is purpose-built to enhance patient care, clinician productivity and point-of-care operations. Unlike general purpose scanners, its disinfectant-ready housing withstands regular sanitizing. And Zebra’s PRZM software decode algorithms capture challenging barcodes for first-time, every-time scanning to meet your healthcare needs at the patient bedside, pharmacy, admitting and more.

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Provide unstoppable performance in industrial manufacturing environments with the corded DS3608-DPA and cordless DS3678-DPA ultra-rugged handheld scanners. Users get lightning fast capture of direct part marks on any surface, as well as 1D/2D barcodes and wide 1D barcodes for superior versatility; a design that is practically indestructible; plus unrivaled manageability that makes staging and everyday management easier than ever.

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Get the versatility and scanning performance you need to boost productivity and shrink wait times throughout the whole store with the DS4600 Series. This corded scanner enables associates to scan items of all sizes and capture barcodes in nearly any condition faster than any other scanner in its class. There is a DS4600 Series model for every need in your store. Bulky items in a shopping cart, a customer's driver's license at the returns desk, a mobile coupon at checkout, tiny barcodes in the jewelry department-the DS4600 Series can capture it all. You also get a durable design, a wide range of productivity-enhancing innovations and unrivaled tools that make staging and everyday management easier than ever. The DS4600 Series-the scanner that gives you more. More data capture versatility, more range and more innovation.

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Improve productivity and quality control with the handheld scanner that's purpose-built for electronics and light manufacturing. The versatile DS4600 Series for Electronics Manufacturing can capture laser etched direct part marks, high density and low contrast codes, in addition to 4-inch wide barcodes. A built-in diffuser provides superior performance on a wide variety of surfaces, while a wide decode range enables the capture of direct part marks and high density barcodes, nearer and farther than a general purpose scanner. You get a durable design that's ideal for clean rooms and other dust-free, water-free environments and unrivaled tools that make staging and everyday management easier than ever. The DS4600 Series for Electronics Manufacturing-purpose-built innovation for your electronics and light manufacturing production line.

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Whether healthcare workers need to scan an ankle bracelet to confirm a newborn's identity in the NICU, track specimens in the lab or scan an IV bag to record time and dosage, the DS4600 Series for Healthcare can do it all. This corded scanner accurately and easily captures virtually every barcode type found at the point-of-care, in pharmacies and labs. Designed for use throughout the hospital, the DS4608-HC can withstand constant disinfecting at the point-of-care, offers night mode to avoid disturbing patients and has an LED aimer that is safe for use in the NICU. You also get a durable design and unrivaled tools that make staging and everyday management easier than ever. The DS4600 Series for Healthcare-the versatile scanner that does more for your whole hospital.

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DS8100 Series

The DS8100 Series delivers unprecedented scanning performance on virtually every 1D and 2D barcode, keeping checkout lines moving and cashiers free to deliver a more personal checkout experience. The DS8100 Series — because when it comes to the checkout experience in store, only the best will do.

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The DS8100-HC is a premium handheld scanner purpose-built for healthcare environments, with unparalleled performance on virtually every barcode in any condition. With first-of-its-kind housing, delivering maximum protection against the spread of bacteria, flexible user-selectable feedback modes designed for around-the-clock use and more.

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DS9300 Series

The DS9300 Series is the little presentation scanner with big functionality. With its near-zero footprint and stylish aesthetics, the DS9300 Series fits anywhere — from trendy boutiques to convenience stores with limited real-estate at the checkout counter. Rapid-fire, best-in-class swipe speeds and unparalleled performance on challenging barcodes keep lines moving. You also get a durable design built to handle everyday drops, bumps and spills; a wide range of Zebra innovations to boost productivity and unrivaled manageability that makes deployment and everyday management easier than ever.

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Purpose-built for medical labs and pharmacies, the DS9900 Series Hybrid Presentation Imager improves workflow efficiency and accuracy. Workers get first-time, every time capture of the many types of barcodes found in the lab including small, high density, curved and color-coded. A one-of-a-kind, ergonomically-friendly hybrid design offers both handheld and hands-free scanning, with seamless switching between modes. Users also get a wide range of Zebra-only innovations to boost productivity and unrivaled manageability that makes staging and everyday management easier than ever. And an RFID model combines barcode scanning with RFID capabilities to read RFID tags on blood bags and other specimen samples.

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Your customers can provide shoppers the checkout experience they expect with the DS9900 Series Hybrid Presentation Imager. Built from the ground up for both handheld and hands-free use, the DS9900 Series delivers optimum performance, whether associates pass items quickly in front of the scanner or pick it up to scan merchandise on the counter or in a cart. Rapid-fire first-pass read rates and unparalleled performance on challenging barcodes keep lines moving. The DS9900 Series offers the widest field of view in its class for easy, can’t miss hands-free scanning. Users also get a durable design, a wide range of Zebra-only innovations to boost productivity and unrivaled manageability that makes staging and everyday management easier than ever. And with the RFID model, users can extend the benefits of RFID to their point of sale.

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FX7500 Fixed reader

The FX7500 Fixed RFID Reader introduces advanced Zebra RFID radio technology designed for faster read rates, more accurate data capture and more consistent performance even in challenging business environments. The Zebra radio is paired with a new, more flexible Linux-based network architecture that integrates the tools and open-standard interfaces needed for fast, easy implementation with RFID and back-end applications. The FX7500 helps protect users' RFID investment and achieve a lower total cost of ownership, allowing deployment of an RFID solution without delays, unnecessary complications or unexpected costs.

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FX9600 Fixed Reader

The FX9600 brings a new level of cost efficiency to passive UHF asset tracking and inventory management, without compromising on performance. You get all the features you need to achieve maximum visibility and efficiency in your high-volume, rugged environments — from industry leading read rates and exceptional read accuracy to superior RF sensitivity. When only industry-best RFID performance will do, the FX9600 delivers.

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The LI2208 provides the same reliability and ergonomics of the LS2208, combined with enhanced features such as extended range scanning, support for mobile barcodes, IP42 rating and a 1.5m drop spec. From the retail POS to shipping or receiving and hotel check-in, the LI2208 allows workers to better meet the needs of business.

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The LI4278 captures virtually any 1D barcode including the typical barcodes printed on paper labels and electronic barcodes displayed on screens such as a mobile phone, tablet or computers that allows retailers to easily process loyalty cards, coupons and more. It can be used in dusty and wet environments and survives drops of 1.8m.

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This bi-directional LS1203 handheld scanner handles all 1D barcodes and is ideal for small retailers. It delivers the functionality, features and reliability needed to improve operational efficiencies from the check-out line to the storeroom. It minimises manual keying, ensures accuracy in all customer transactions, and it automates paper-based inventory processes. The device easily integrates multiple interfaces to help ensure connectivity to a host and PC system.

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The LS1203-HD handheld scanner variant is designed for electronics manufacturers who need to scan small, high density 1D barcodes on PCB assemblies for track, trace, quality and other applications.

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Offering high performance scanning and reliability in a durable, lightweight form factor, the LS2208 is designed for continuous usage all day. And since it is always ready for the next scan, the LS2208 can shorten check-out lines, improve customer service and increase productivity. The LS2208 is engineered for continuous, heavy usage all day, every day and has been tested to withstand multiple 1.5m drops to concrete.

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MP7000 Scanner Scale

Meet the demands of your highest-volume POS lanes with Zebra’s MP7000 next generation multi-plane 1D/2D imager. The MP7000 is loaded with innovative features that take scanning performance and simplicity to the next level for faster-than-ever checkout in cashier-manned and self-checkout lanes, with an industry best total cost of ownership and unrivaled manageability. You get maximum checkout speed and minimum checkout times with Zebra’s most advanced scanning technology, the largest scan zone in this class and the optional customer side scanner for self-scanning of electronic and printed coupons and loyalty cards. In addition, you get industry best total cost of ownership through easy deployment, the lowest power consumption in the industry, superior durability and a design that is purpose-built for easy servicing. And with our complimentary software tools and predictive diagnostics, you can remotely manage your entire solution and ensure the timely delivery of preventative maintenance to keep your POS technology up and running, every minute of every shift. The result? Increased cashier productivity and POS throughput — and a better experience for your shoppers.

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MT2000 Rugged Scanner Series

The MT2000 Series represents another industry first from Zebra — the marriage of the simplicity of a scanner with the brainpower of a mobile computer and an ultra-ergonomic gun-style form factor. The result is a handheld mobile terminal, a highly flexible device capable of streamlining many scan-intensive business processes in a wide variety of industries — from the front to back door in manufacturing plants, retail establishments, warehouses, hospitals and more.

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