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Mobile Computers from Zebra


TC21 / TC26

Considering low-cost mobile phones for your workers? Step up to the business-class durable TC21/TC26 Touch Computers - without stepping up in price. Choose the connectivity your workers need - the WiFi-only TC21 or the WiFi/cellular TC26. Then choose the features that will allow your workers to improve task accuracy and on-the-job efficiency.

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EC30 Enterprise Companion

For associates without mobile voice and data, the simple act of locating a supervisor to answer a question or looking up item availability can take minutes. Service quality is reduced. And you could lose sales when impatient customers walk away. Introducing the EC30, the right-priced mobile device with the right mobile connections for today's unconnected associates. This small, lightweight and durable device delivers comprehensive voice features - it's a walkie-talkie and a cordless PBX handset (optional). And the right data features bring a new level of efficiency and accuracy to core everyday tasks. The EC30 - the perfect companion for your unconnected workforce.

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Introducing the mobile computer that can get it done, the ultimate ultra-rugged Zebra MC9300 — the next evolution of the world's best-selling and most trusted Android enterprise mobile computer. When your customer’s businesses deserves the best, the MC9300 delivers, providing the ultimate Android platform, the ultimate in application support, the ultimate ultra-rugged design and the ultimate accessory system.

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Built upon the successful TC8000 touch computer and featuring break-through innovations and design, the Zebra TC8300 touch computer continues to offer unprecedented gains in productivity and usability—leading to the greatest advancement in the warehouse in 20+ years.

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The highly successful MC3300x Android mobile computer is packed with features to tackle ever increasing requirements of today's on-demand, e-commerce driven economy.

The MC3300x offers an ergonomic design, now with Zebra’s latest, most powerful and secure Android architecture, including an extended range scanning option that captures barcodes on the top of your warehouse racks with ease.

With the bright touch display, multiple keypad options and four form factor options, you can give your customers a device that will make on-the-job data capture easier than ever.

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Bring your customers a new level of efficiency and accuracy to inventory management, order fulfillment, cross-docking and more with the MC3390R Integrated Long-Range UHF RFID Handheld. Users get a superior RFID read range of more than 60 ft./18.2 m away, along with an extra long-range barcode scanning option. With Zebra’s signature rugged design, the MC3390R is built for maximum uptime, yet is lightweight with the right ergonomics for all-day comfort. The large touchscreen, physical keypad, and Android OS deliver an intuitive and flexible platform for every worker’s RFID application needs.

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Bring your customers a new level of comfort, task speed, ease of use, and accuracy to your RFID applications with the MC3330R Integrated UHF RFID Handheld. Users get superior RFID read performance and receiver sensitivity for the lightning fast and accurate capture of even the most challenging RFID tags, along with the ability to capture 1D and 2D barcodes with the same device. With Zebra’s signature rugged design, the MC3330R is built for maximum uptime, yet is lightweight with the right ergonomics for all-day comfort. And the large touchscreen, physical keypad, and Android OS deliver an intuitive and flexible platform for worker’s RFID application needs.

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TC52 / TC57

The rugged TC52 Android Touch Computer builds on the highly successful TC51, adding a new platform and new capabilities to deliver the ultimate in enterprise-class touch computing for workers inside the four walls. Workers get all the features they need to maximise productivity, improve staff enablement and deliver the ultimate in customer service with the TC57. Complete cellular network flexibility provides the fastest connections for workers all around the world.

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TC72 / TC77

The TC72 has a smartphone experience for maximum simplicity, construction design to withstand years of the toughest everyday use and abuse and a new platform offering more capabilities than any other device in this class for maximum staff enablement. The TC77 Android Touch Computer builds on the highly successful TC75 Series family to create the ultimate ultra-rugged all-touch computer for all workers outside the four walls.

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PS20 Personal Shopper

Provide the ultimate personalized shopping experience with the next generation shopping assistant, the Android PS20 Personal Shopper. Building on the successful and proven MC18, the PS20 adds loads of features that propel it to the head of its class, creating a dual-purpose device that provides the ultimate in-store shopping experience for customers, and automates tasks for store associates, increasing productivity.

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The TC25 rugged smartphone, designed to meet the unique needs of small businesses. The TC25 addresses it all. Workers get the durability they need out on the road, better team communications, and features that make it easy to automate everyday processes.

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Introducing the MC3300 rugged Android mobile computer, purpose built to meet the business needs of the warehouse, retail and manufacturing environments—and for the painless migration to the world's most popular mobile operating system. This next generation of the highly successful MC3000 series offers a wide variety of options that allow users to seamlessly run the applications they're using today, including the Warehouse Management System, right out of the box—no application modifications needed. Plus, customers get a best-in class, well-proven device.

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The TC20 mobile computer has the right looks, the right business features and the right price. Built to survive where work gets done, the ruggedized TC20 features an integrated barcode scanning, push-to-talk and optional snap-on power pack to keep your customers' businesses running, as well as Zebra OneCare service plan specifically designed for the TC20.

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TC51 / TC56

The TC51 and TC56 Touch Computers from Zebra are every bit as contemporary and easy to use as a Smartphone but built for all-day every day enterprise use. With features including Wi-Fi, 4G (TC56 model), a 5” HD display that works with gloves and when wet as well as 1D and 2D scanning and a 13MP camera the TC51 and TC56 enable workers to achieve peak productivity and keep data secure.

These Android 6.0 Marshmallow devices also have warm swap battery switch functionality, minimising downtime when in constant use, and come with a 1.8 GHz hexa-core processor to ensure rapid speed in retail, health, field service and courier applications.

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The TC8000 increases productivity in the warehouse by simplifying how workers use the device and interact within warehouse application. The innovative scan angle makes tilting the device redundant and minimises strain on workers wrists. The integrated flexible handheld and hands-free 1D or 2D scanning is an industry first and the device itself is 33% lighter than a traditional device, reducing fatigue and overall boosting productivity. Its IP65 rating, 2.4m drop spec and Android 5.1.1 OS make this device the ideal rugged, enterprise class touch computer.

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TC70 / TC75 Series

Zebra's TC70/TC75 Series is a professional-grade device built from the ground up for enterprise applications. A rugged design for reliable everyday operation in the most demanding outdoor environments, the TC70/TC75 Touch Computer Series gives you the choice of Android or Windows operating systems with everything your customers need to streamline workflows and maximise their return on investment.

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MC55X Mobile Computer

The Extended Life MC55X is a Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 with keypad device and is compatible with MC55A0/N0 accessories. It has an updated dual core processor, superior data capture functionality with the SE4710 scan engine and increased memory for improved application performance. The MC55X is available in both standard and healthcare configurations.

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Give the field workforce the tools they need to work faster and smarter with the rugged MC67 Series. This fully-featured device lets workers access information in backend system; scan practically any barcode in almost any condition; capture documents to simplify recordkeeping; take and send video and photos for real-time repair support; and call a customer with an arrival window.

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From the sales floor to the backroom, the Zebra MC2100 Series has what it takes to affordably automate the capture of inventory data right at the point of work. And while the MC2100 is value priced, your customers get many features usually found in more expensive mobile computers, including IP54 rating, 1.2m drop spec as well as 1D/2D scan engine. You can count on best-in-class processing power, rugged design, superior ergonomics, flexible data capture options, enterprise-grade push-to-talk, centralised management and the ability to create cross-platform, operating system-agnostic applications.

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Redefine productivity and reliability with the MC3200, the next generation in the class-leading MC3000 Series, now with more options to meet your customers’ needs. Choose the right operating system for your business – Android Jelly Bean or Microsoft Embedded Compact 7. A choice of Zebra’s advanced 1D laser or 1D/2D imager scan engine allows your customers’ to easily capture barcodes in any condition. Plus you can count on a rugged design including IP54 rating and 1.2m drop spec. Three lightweight models – brick, gun and turret – bring all day comfort to every task – from cycle counting to putaway, replenishment and voice-directed picking. And since the MC3000 Series has been one of Zebra’s most popular mobile computers for over 10 years, you get a tough and tested mobile computer trusted to take inventory management to the next level.

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The MC9200 rugged mobile computer, the next generation of the industry-leading gold standard for mobility, has evolved to meet changing business needs, delivering the same signature rugged design (IP64 rating, 1.8m drop spec), best-in-class barcode scanning (1D/2D scan engine) and dependable enterprise Android 4.4.4 or Microsoft Embedded Compact 7 OS. Now, with the power to run applications with highly-intuitive interfaces, the MC9200 simplifies processes and increases worker productivity in the toughest environments.

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Workabout Pro 4

Give workers the mobile computer that can continually evolve to meet ever-changing business needs — the Workabout Pro 4. Its impressive modularity lets you buy the features your customers need now, yet easily add practically any feature they may need in the future.
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Omnni XT15f
Building on the success of the Omnii XT15, the Omnii XT15F with Freezer Condensing capabilities is designed to provide seamless operation in cold chain and extreme weather environments such as freezer warehousing, food production, ports, yards, baggage handling and other specialised extreme temperature applications. Its keyboard resists ice build-up, its scan window defogging ensures the screen is always readable, it features a single core heater providing frost free scanning and its industry leading low temperature optimised battery provides 4 – 6 hours runtime in extreme temperatures.

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The Omnii™ XT15 is uniquely adaptive by design – combining extreme versatility with open innovation to deliver the flexibility you require to adapt as your business needs change. As the next evolution of the Omnii™ platform, the Omnii™ XT15 takes the best features of the Omnii™ XT10 and adds new functionality to create a device that gives mobile workers the greatest access to business applications – anytime, anywhere.

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